Extra ordinary vegetable trials in Jordan Valley station including GH Tomato, GH cucumber and GH pepper.

Potato growers in Iraq are satisfied with Green Gold offered varieties for this season.

Preparations for corn field day in Kurdistan, Iraq on track.

Green Gold team in Erbil evaluated last week five different varieties of wheat .

Who we are

Green Gold is a full sales, marketing, and technical organization with deep market presence in key countries in the Middle East and Africa of which is IRAQ & ALGERIA.

Green Gold is built on the value & belief of sustainable agriculture, providing extension service, consultancy, and specialization in marketing and sales of top technologies in agriculture through partnering with world leading companies.

Our commitment is to improve and enhance farmers output, yield, and to provide the knowhow for the best use of the scarce available natural resources.

Green Gold is completely focused to serve the farmers and provide best consultancy services collaborated with university professors, officials and key agronomical experts.

Green Gold strategy to diversify its portfolio and geographical presence in Middle East and North Africa inorder to meet their customers expectations.

Our offered portfolio to our customers is seeds, crop protection, machinery, public health, fertelizers and newly veterinary products.

Green Gold is expanding in several new markets like Jordan, Libya, Gulf Countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.


Our Mission

Green Gold mission is to thrive to increase customers profitability and enhance significantly agriculture productivity to optimum levels possible to help growers help themselves. Our mission is simply achieving sustainable agriculture through higher farmers profitability.

Our Vision

Green Gold will be looking to complete its portfolio through partnering with multinational companies that invest in research and development in the agribusiness industry.

Our Achievement

In record of time Green Gold obtained the confirmation and the trust to execute seed bids for governmental parties and NGO in several Middle Eastern countries.

Green Gold is proud to see its customers are growing in their business and developing their capabilities to serve more and more the farmers.

Green Gold proved to be reliable supplier for agriculture technologies in Iraq and Algeria. As well the company demonstrated through its service to become key distributor to several multinational suppliers in agribusiness industry.

Main Sources

• Our offered technologies is by companies based in Netherlands, Denmark, USA, Switzerland, Turkey, Australia and the USA.

Main Markets

• Iraq, Egypt and Algeria with startegic plans to expand all across Africa and the Middle East.

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