Extra ordinary vegetable trials in Jordan Valley station including GH Tomato, GH cucumber and GH pepper.

Potato growers in Iraq are satisfied with Green Gold offered varieties for this season.

Preparations for corn field day in Kurdistan, Iraq on track.

Green Gold team in Erbil evaluated last week five different varieties of wheat .


Financing the business value chain become critical success factor in the agribusiness industry. Farmers are asking more and more time to pay their bills due to seasonality and market volatility. Green Gold with its deep pockets and strong financial positioned is able to support the business value chain in financing various operations in the sector.

This strong financing capabilities put our international suppliers at ease as their money is always guranteed and at the same time their technologies supported in the market place when distributed by Green Gold. On top, being headquartered in Lebanon where the banking sector is highly developed versus other surrounding Middle Eastern market, the money transfer in and out of Green Gold is much more reliable and sustainable.

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