Extra ordinary vegetable trials in Jordan Valley station including GH Tomato, GH cucumber and GH pepper.

Potato growers in Iraq are satisfied with Green Gold offered varieties for this season.

Preparations for corn field day in Kurdistan, Iraq on track.

Green Gold team in Erbil evaluated last week five different varieties of wheat .

Our Ambition

Green Gold to become leading player in Middle East and Africa in the Agriculture Sector. Our ambition to be the one the preferred supplier to growers in need for various agriculture solutions.


Our Strategy

To be close to markets where we operate through Green Gold local organization in order to ensure direct marketing and technical support to our customers especially the growers.

Green Gold commit to improve & enhance customers output, yield, and to provide the knowhow for the best use of the scarce available natural resources. With this approach we are able to maximize benefit to our customers and service after sales.

Green Gold strategy is to specialize in marketing and sales of top technologies in agriculture partnering with world leading suppliers.

Green Gold strategy to diversify its portfolio and geographical presence in Middle East and North Africa. Accordingly, Green Gold offer to customers in various markets include seeds, crop protection, fertilizers, machinery and public health.

Green Gold startegic approach is to keep building its people capabilities through hiring experienced team that contribute to the development of the private market in Iraq, Egypt, Algeria as well as expand in other MENA countries. 

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